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All you need to know about burning on bioethanol

If you want to heat your home with a fire, but want a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas, electric, or log-burning fires, bioethanol fires could be the right solution for you. Whether this is the first time you've heard about bioethanol fires or you just want to know what they do and the benefits of using them in your home, read on to find out more. We have the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about these fires to help you determine if they are the best fit for your home.

How do bioethanol fires work?

Bioethanol fires are an alternative, renewable true-flame heat source that is generated by bioethanol fuel instead of burning logs or turning on a gas fire. Bioethanol fuel or biofuel is an ethanol-based and more natural type of fuel that is produced from renewable sources including plants such as corn or sugar cane. Therefore, it is often the first choice for those looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels for the fire in their home.

A bioethanol fire works by putting bioethanol fuel into the burner of a specially designed fire before lighting it. It is a simple and straightforward process with about the same effort as lighting a coal or wood fire, if not less. The fuel will burn for about four to five hours or until it is extinguished, which you can easily do by closing the lid to starve the flame of oxygen until it finally puts out the fire. You will then have to wait about ten to fifteen minutes for the fire to cool before you can use more fuel to add to the fire. 

Do bioethanol fires give off heat?

Since bioethanol fires produce real flames, you can expect them to give off just as much heat as you would from a wood fire, making them an excellent alternative to more traditional fire methods for homes without artificial flames. If you are looking for an eco-friendly fire in your home that not only looks great, but also keeps the room nice and warm, a bioethanol fire could be the ideal choice for you.

Are bioethanol fires hot for a long time?

How long you can expect bioethanol fuel to last when you light your fire depends on the settings you burn the fuel in. In general, you can expect a gallon of bioethanol fuel to last about four hours when burning at the maximum heat setting. However, if you only burn the fuel at a minimum heat setting, the fuel will usually burn about twice as long. When you turn off the fire, the fuel will be retained until you want to re-light the fire, so you don't have to worry about any fuel residue if you need to put the fire out before it's all used up.

Are bioethanol fires safe?

Bioethanol fires burn with a real flame, so there is always some degree of risk that comes with using them and it is important to take the proper safety precautions, just as you would when burning a log or coal fire. Whether you are burning the bioethanol fire indoors or outdoors, take all the usual precautions that you would when working with any other heat source.

Are bioethanol fires safe indoors?

You can buy bioethanol fires that are specifically designed for indoor use and are completely safe for indoor use. Although bioethanol fires produce carbon dioxide, this is usually not a major concern because they only produce a small amount, and this is a natural byproduct of any type of real fire. Bioethanol fires are actually often considered safer to use indoors compared to traditional fires because they do not produce ash, smoke, or carcinogens, making them much heather for your respiratory system.

How much do bioethanol fires cost?

Compared to the cost of a gas or wood fire, bioethanol fires are relatively inexpensive to use. However, this can vary depending on the price of the fuel you choose and how far open the slide is when you use the fire, if one is available. On average, bioethanol fuel costs around £4.50 for a litre, although this can vary depending on the source of the fuel and the brand you buy. The quality of the fuel you buy can also affect its efficiency and the amount you pay to light your fire. Cheaper fuels can be a good choice to keep costs down in the short term, but you will find that they often burn up faster than better quality fuels, which are ultimately cheaper in the long run.

What are the advantages of Bioethanol spruce?

Choosing a bioethanol fire inside or outside your home has many different benefits. If you are looking for a renewable energy source, but still want the warmth and coziness of a real fire, then bioethanol fires are the perfect choice for you. They are much more environmentally friendly than traditional fossil fuel fires, and because the fuel is plant-based, no harmful substances are released into the air. Plus, you don't need gas or electricity to run these fires and they are easy to install, both indoors and out. As they become more popular and due to the fact that there are no restrictions in design and placement, bioethanol fires come with a huge range of stylish and contemporary designs to choose from with something for everyone's style of home decor. They are excellent for winter as they can easily and efficiently heat a large room quickly.

If you want a fire in your home that looks great, feels cozy, is efficient to use, and friendly to the environment, look no further than bioethanol fires, which are the perfect green alternative to traditional fire options.