Last modified on 23.02.2021

Download the complete privacy statement of KBH BV (Chamber of Commerce number 66830257, also trading under the names KBH BV and Bioethanolshop). The privacy statement deals with any processing of personal data of our (potential) customers and users of our website, including our webshops at and, collectively also shop.

download privacy statement

On this page we have summarised important information from our privacy statement for you in the form of frequently asked questions and their answers. So you can quickly find the information you are looking for. If you want detailed information about the processing of your data, you can download and read our privacy statement as a pdf above.

Our privacy statement applies to all processing of personal data of our (potential) customers and users of our shop. With personal data we mean information that is directly or indirectly traceable to an individual, without the name of that individual having to be known. Think of customer number, address, place of residence, email address, phone number, cookie IDs and financial data (see our privacy statement for the full list).

Hereinafter, all personal data and other data are collectively referred to as data.

We believe it is important that our services are reliable and transparent. We therefore treat your personal data with discretion and care and we ensure that any processing of your data complies with the applicable laws and regulations. It is possible that we adapt our privacy statement if new developments require it. You can always download the latest version from this page to stay informed of any changes.

Who processes your data and who protects it?

Bioethanolshop is responsible for the processing of your data. This means that Bioethanolshop determines how and what information is processed, for what purposes and for how long. We will not process your data without reason and only when we need it for one or more specific purposes. We will never sell your data to third parties.

What data do we process and what do we use it for?

Visiting and using the shop (general)

When you visit our shop, we process data about you. This includes your IP address, but also your click and purchase behaviour, so that we can provide you with a more personal and relevant service. Cookies enable us to see, for example, which parts of the website or app you have viewed.

Create and manage an account

To place an order at KBH BV you can create an account on our websites. After that you can log in to your account and manage your account. For the creation of an account and the use of your account we process necessary data of you.

Buy items and have them delivered

The articles you buy in our shop are delivered by DHL, Transmission, DPD. During the ordering process we process various data, such as your chosen payment method and data to track your order. As a result of your purchases, we may send you offers and information, for example by e-mail.

Questions, complaints, repairs and guarantees

If you ask a question or make a complaint about an item, request a repair, invoke your warranty or contact customer service for any other reason, it is necessary to process and store certain data.


If you have created an account and have purchased one or more items, we may approach you for marketing purposes. We do this through various communications and channels. In addition, we may combine information from other parties with information we already have about you. We will only do this with your permission.

Social media

If you interact with Bioethanolshop through social media, for example if you post a comment, upload media, send a message, share an article from our website or click a like button, we may receive information such as your (user) name, place of residence, email address and gender.


You can leave a review in our shop or on the site of a review party. Sometimes we ask for this after you have bought an item from us or because of a promotion with our partners. You can unsubscribe in these mails for future messages. The review you post is visible to others. You choose which name/nickname to show in your review.

Internal market research

We conduct market research to gather information about our customers and the market in which we operate. Based on market research we can improve our shop and services. We also use this information as a basis for our marketing and communication policy. At each stage of the purchasing and marketing process, we analyse the purchasing behaviour and motivations of our customers.

Anti-fraud investigation

The sector in which KBH BV operates is sensitive to fraud. That is why we carry out anti-fraud investigations. This way we want to prevent financial and/or reputation damage as a result of fraud. Your customer number can be abused by others in order to commit fraud. Fraud prevention is therefore not only in our interest, but also in your interest.

Customer satisfaction survey

To improve your customer experience, our shop and services, we need to understand our customers' experience and satisfaction. See our privacy statement for the data we process for this purpose.

What data do third parties process from you?

For the execution of services, the delivery of articles and other activities, we get help from third parties. If these third parties process your data on behalf of KBH BV, they do so as processor. All agreements on security, confidentiality and your rights are included in the processing agreements we have made with these third parties.

How do we secure your data?

Your privacy is important, so we take the security of your information very seriously. We have taken various measures to ensure that your data is and remains secure. When securing your data, we take into account any processing risks of your data: for example, if it is lost or misused.

How long do we keep your data?

In general, we do not keep your data longer than necessary for the purpose for which we have collected it. Afterwards we will remove or anonymise this information. Anonymization means that we make sure that the information can no longer be traced back to you. Sometimes we still need certain information for a longer period of time for another purpose. If that is the case, we have a basis for this and we will ensure that this data is only accessible for that purpose. After that we will of course anonymise or remove your data.

What rights do you have as a customer?

As a customer you have certain rights concerning the processing of your data by KBH BV. In your account you can arrange most things yourself. You can view your data, change or request to download them. But you also have the right to have your data removed and the right to have your data transferred.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we use different types of cookies and similar techniques. These are needed, among other things, to make our shop work properly and to make it more user friendly for you. You can read more about all the cookies we use and why we use them in our cookie statement.

Don't want cookies? You can always change your settings or delete cookies yourself. Our cookie statement explains exactly how to do this. Good to know: if you disable cookies, our shop may not work properly or may not work at all.