Bioethanolshop KieselGreen Premium bioethanol 96.6% and 100% quality!

The high quality bioethanol 96.6% & 100% in our webshop is suitable for the ethanol table stove, atmosphere fire, table stoves and bioethanol burners. Bioethanolshop supplies the fuel in packages of 1 liter, 5 liter, 10 liter and 1.000 liter.

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Bio ethanol has many different applications:

  • Car: As an anti-freeze and cleaning agent for windscreens and wipers. (Use only dissolved in water)
  • Hobby: For professionals and do-it-yourselfers as a solvent for cleaning and cooling.
  • Household: Cleaning of windows, tiles, glass and chrome(Only use dissolved in water). Removal of mould.
  • Garden: Lighting your garden or patio with table burners, bioethanol fireplaces and ethanol torches, algae removal and moss removal.
  • Free time: Bioethanol as a fuel for your camping stove (to use on the boat and in the caravan because of the odour and sootless combustion), for fondue and all other appliances that run on fuel.
  • Open hearth: Of course, Bio ethanol is great for fireplaces, ambient fireplaces, and bioethanol table top fireplaces.

Bioethanol biofuel

The 100% pure bio-ethanol is the most commonly used fuel for your bio fire. The higher purity content ensures cleaner combustion and the energy content is also higher.

Producing bioethanol with a purity of 96.6% alcohol is done via two processes. First, fermentation takes place, followed by distillation. In order to obtain 100% alcohol, a special process has to take place

The quality of bioethanol varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The percentage achievable depends on the manufacturing process and even more on the raw materials. On the market, you often find bioethanol made of mouldy and polluted raw materials, containing by-products or residues such as acetone.
Bioethanolshop only sells the best quality of 100% and 96.6%.

These products are often used in industry because there is a need for products with different alcohol percentages.
However, this is not the case with fireplaces and ovens. Here a pure product ensures a nicer, healthier and better combustion. It is therefore important that the fuel is as pure as possible.
Our supplier uses high quality german vegetable raw materials for the production processes and thus guarantees a pure and high quality product.

This is why Bioethanol Shop delivers a product of very good quality with our 96.6% bioethanol and with our bioethanol with an alcohol percentage of 100% it is even an excellent product! You can buy bio ethanol from us with confidence.

Explanation of denaturation:
Bio ethanol fireplace is always denatured. This denaturation means that the ethanol is rendered unusable for human consumption. This is done by adding a minimal amount of "bitter substances" in the form of MEK to the ethanol. If this is not added, so-called excise duty must be paid on the fuel, just like for alcoholic beverages.