Order processing costs
Every order involves processing costs, such as storage, packaging materials, etc. For orders less than €50.00 including VAT, in addition to the shipping costs of €5.74 excl. VAT / €6.95 incl. VAT, we also charge a contribution to the processing costs of your order. The total contribution to these processing and shipping costs is € 9.00 excl. tax / € 10.89 incl. tax. These costs are visible in the checkout of our webshops.

Shipping method parcel shipment
Transport is carried out by a reputable carrier or parcel delivery service such as PostNL, DHL, DPD or TransMission. If we deem it necessary, we may decide to use another transporter. The starting point is always an optimal connection to the fastest possible delivery time at reasonable costs.

Shipping costs pallet shipment
It may happen that an order is so large or heavy that it has to be delivered by means of a pallet shipment. In that case it is delivered on a deposit pallet. If the recipient is unable or unwilling to give the deliverer an empty pallet, we will have to charge € 15.00 for this. The deposit-holding pallet can be handed in by the recipient to a local carrier. The deposit prices may differ per country/region.

The shipping costs within the Netherlands and Belgium are FREE with an order of € 50.00 incl. VAT or more (except for any deposit on shipping materials)

Shipping costs outside the Benelux
The costs for shipping within Europe (outside Benelux) are on request. If a cargo shipment has to be offered to you a second or subsequent time, we will charge you the additional costs.

Pick up
Partly due to COVID-19 is currently not possible to pick up your order. Every order will be delivered to your address by our chosen carrier, taking into account the applicable (emergency) regulations.