You pay in your trusted internet payment environment, based on the security methods of your own bank.

How does iDEAL work?
You choose iDEAL as payment method, then select your bank. Then you will be redirected to the site of your bank, where the payment order is ready for you. Your bank will ask you to fill in some information and you authorize the payment. The amount is directly debited from your checking account and we are informed that the order is paid.

Wire transfer in advance
In case of a bank transfer in advance you will receive, after placing your order, immediately a confirmation e-mail with the payment reference and the total amount to be paid. Your order will be shipped after the payment is received, the processing of these payments may take 1-2 business days.

Pay on invoice
If you have ordered from us several times we offer the possibility to deliver your order on invoice. This procedure will be discussed and submitted to our credit assessor. For this we need all your data and a written confirmation of the order. The order will then be sent to you immediately. The invoice must be paid immediately after delivery by bank transfer. In case of abuse or unnecessary delay we will call in a bailiff to collect the outstanding amount.

Credit card and foreign payment methods
We support several credit cards: you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express. You can also pay with Sofort Uberweisung, KBC, MrCash and Maestro.

Paypal payments. How does it work?
PayPal allows you to shop online without exposing your financial information. You can easily register with them using your email address. Of course, you have to give them your bank account or credit card details first. From that moment on, you have an account with them that is linked to your email address, and that also applies to all other people who have an account with them.

To transfer money to another PayPal user you only need to know the email address of this other user. If you approve your payment, the amount will automatically be withdrawn from your account. The payment will be confirmed by an e-mail.

You can also deposit money into this account and pay directly with it. Opening an account, transferring money to other PayPal users and depositing money into your own account is free. Withdrawing money from your own account, receiving money on your account or converting currency is not always free.

Pay afterwards with IN3
With IN3 you can pay in 3 installments at 0% interest. IN3 is the only spread payment method without BKR registration and interest. You pay in three installments within 60 days. IN3 does a credit check during the ordering process. It may be that you are rejected, please choose another payment method.

Costs for shipping methods
iDEAL: Free
Wire transfer in advance: Free
Invoice: Free (payment immediately upon receipt)
Credit card: Free
IN3: Free
Paypal:3% store