KieselGreen Premium Bioethanol with forest aroma - Bioethanol - 100% biofuel - 1 litre bottle with nozzle

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KieselGreen Premium Bioethanol with Forest Fragrance - Bioethanol - 100% biofuel - 1 liter bottle with nozzle

Bioethanol fireplaces, lanterns and stoves are great for the environment and can also be a beautiful design for your home, but you can also use your bioethanol burners to perfume your home, patio, balcony or other spaces by choosing scented bioethanol fuel. Fragrant bioethanol like this attractive pine-scented woodland scent can refresh your room and create a cozy and inviting aroma or add a pleasant scent to the air on your patio when used in an outdoor bioethanol fireplace or lantern. The refreshing scent of forest pine is a great choice when you want a touch of freshness from outdoors in your home and is a pleasant scent all year round. This scented bioethanol can be used in all appliances designed to burn bioethanol and does not change the performance or efficiency of the fuel. You can even mix the forest scented fuel with regular unscented bioethanol if you want a more subtle aroma, such as in a smaller room, or if you use your bioethanol fire for several hours and want to reduce the intensity of the fragrance. You can buy our scented bioethanol fuels, including this forest-scented option, as economical bulk purchases of 12 liters or in individual 1-liter bottles.