KieselGreen Premium Bioethanol with Apple/cinnamon scent - Bioethanol - 100% biofuel - 1 litre bottle with nozzle and jerrycan

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KieselGreen Premium Bioethanol with Apple/Cinnamon Fragrance - Bioethanol - 100% biofuel - 1 liter bottle with nozzle and jerrycan

If you use bioethanol burners, such as bioethanol stoves, fireplaces, or bioethanol outdoor lanterns, have you considered using a nicely scented bioethanol fuel in these burners? Scented bioethanol fuels offer the same great performance as regular bioethanol, but also give off a pleasant ambient aroma when burning in your fireplace or lantern. This can be a wonderful way to get more out of your bioethanol fireplace, allowing it to serve as an atmospheric room freshener, a beautiful design element and a heating solution. This apple and cinnamon scented bioethanol can be used in any appliance in which you normally burn regular bioethanol and will give you a cozy, comforting scent of spiced apples with each use. A great aroma for fall and winter, it can make your home feel inviting and cover up unwanted odors from cooking or pets. You can purchase this pleasant apple and cinnamon bioethanol in standard one gallon quantities, or stock up by purchasing the bulk purchase option of 12 gallon or 5 gallon jerry can. Bioethanol with apple and cinnamon can also be mixed with regular bioethanol before burning for a more subtle effect, which can be ideal for smaller rooms in the home.