Bioethanolshop Black Friday 2023

Black Friday & CyberMonday action in 2023 again!

We're just doing this craziness, but only that weekend!

Black Friday 2023 explanation:

There's never a bad time of year to purchase a bioethanol fireplace, lamp or stove, but shopping on Black Friday certainly has its perks! Black Friday usually takes place on the fourth Friday in November and is associated with fantastic deals, so look out for some unbeatable prices and grab a bargain.


Black Friday 2023 - November 24, 2023

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Black Friday Bioethanol

While deals are welcome at any time of the year, great deals in November are undoubtedly useful for winter shopping. Whether you're preparing for Christmas or stocking up for the cold season, buying bioethanol products on Black Friday is a wise decision.

What are bioethanol products?

Bioethanol is a fuel produced naturally from various raw materials, such as rye, wheat, sugar and corn. Due to its natural origin, bioethanol is widely considered a cleaner form of energy than traditional options, such as gas or electricity. To cater to consumers who want to be more environmentally conscious, manufacturers have started developing a range of bioethanol products, including fireplaces, lamps, stoves and even air conditioners. Instead of depending on mains electricity or gas cylinders, you can simply add bioethanol fuel to bioethanol products and enjoy smoke- and odour-free functionality. black-friday-logo