Orange oil 1 liter can orange oil detergent



Orange oil 1 liter tin



Orange oil 1 liter tin

With the strong cleaning power and fresh scent of oranges, for your entire household.
* 80% orange peel concentrate;
* 250 ml concentrate is sufficient for 1000 litres of water. So 2-3 drops on 5 liters of water is already sufficient, it is very economical in use;
* dissolves stubborn stains such as oil, grease, resin, chewing gum, for very stubborn
stains locally Use orange oil pure. First test on a
inconspicuous place;
* neutralizes unpleasant odors such as those caused by nicotine;
* the cleaner is surface active, i.e. it "cracks" due to its properties
existing "surface tensions", penetrating deep into the layer of dirt,
deep into the pores. Ordinary cleaners often remove the dirt superficially.
* Antimicrobial action with a visible shine effect;
* Has a high concentrated cleaning power;
* use on surfaces in the house, around the car, garden, terrace wooden furniture .....


The aroma of the sun - a refreshing, warm, fruity scent.

Orange oil is an essential oil obtained by cold-pressing the fruit peels of ripe oranges. Its aroma and fragrance, on the one hand, and its fat-soluble properties, on the other, make it impressively versatile in its use.

Caution: Like all essential oils, orange peel oil is highly effective, even in homeopathic doses. Use it as directed or in small doses. For many uses, a few drops are sufficient. Essential oils should never be drunk pure or applied to the skin. Adding them drop by drop to foods or cosmetics, on the other hand, is a refined, harmless refinement, provided there is no allergy to orange terpenes.

Perfuming and aromatizing of

Beverages, candy and other foods,
Perfumed oils and waters, cosmetics (soap, bath oil, cream),
lamp oil,
household products and as
room and laundry odors.
In addition to its sunny scent, essential orange oil also has antiseptic, astringent, nerve-calming, balancing, toning and stimulating effects. Therefore, it is a very popular and often used ingredient, not only in natural cosmetics.

Cleaning and degreasing with the power of the plant

Universal household cleaning agent
Removal of tar, resin and lubricating oil stains
Thinner for oil paints and varnishes
Ideal for diluting plant-based wood preservatives and organic wood preservatives
Degreasing metal parts (bicycle chains, sprockets, ball bearings, etc.)
Softening of fine mechanical parts (e.g., old clock parts)
In combination with beeswax or carnauba wax as a balm for the care and cleaning of wooden surfaces, antiques or leather
Brush Cleaner
Nail polish remover
Main ingredient of many label removers
The high content of orange terpenes is the reason for the tremendous grease-dissolving power of orange peel oil. When used as a substitute for turpentine oil - e.g., in painting - it not only has the effect of a much more pleasant odor. Compared to turpentine, orange oil also has a much lower allergy potential. Adding 10-20% orange peel oil to linseed or tung oil significantly improves penetration into the wood and facilitates application. The drying time is shortened. It also adds a vitalizing fragrance to wood preservatives and care products.

Orange oil
Household Detergent
Can of 1 litre
Orange Detergent

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