KieselGreen 12 L Bioethanol Christmas Fragrance 96.6% home fragrance bioethanol


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Kieselgreen 12 Liter bioethanol Christmas fragrance 96.6% home fragrance bio ethanol for fireplace

KieselGreen Christmas fragrance bioethanol is a Premium organic home fragrance alcohol (denatured), suitable for atmospheric fireplaces.

This special line of bioethanol Christmas scented house perfume is inspired by the Lampe berge fragrances, besides that bioethanolshop gives you the best price.
Kieselgreen ethanol is therefore of the purest quality with an added fragrance.

This bioethanol:

  • fragrant home perfume
  • is produced from 100% in European grown rye
  • is guaranteed 100% organic
  • extensively tested (both sensory and chemical)
  • Burns odourless and silent with a yellow flame
  • is specially optimised for ethanol stoves

Kieselgreen bioethanol vanilla scented house perfume on ethanol base burns in a silent and pleasant yellow flame, without giving off any odour. Our bioethanol is tested regularly, this way bioethanolshop can always guarantee the best quality. During combustion, the bioethanol only converts into water vapour and carbon dioxide. These are the least harmful combustion products a fireplace can emit! To clarify, a normal fireplace also emits fine dust.

Kieselgreen house perfume production label

The kieselgreen label guarantees that the vanilla scented bioethanol has been produced and sourced ethically, organically and also fair trade. The ethanol comes from European rye fields and is produced in a modern, well-developed factory to produce bioethanol.

Bioethanol is a biological product and is made from natural products such as cane and beet sugar but also potatoes, corn and grain. Another word for pure Bio ethanol is denatured alcohol. The scientific notation for ethanol is C2H6O.

Different scents from bioethanolshop

Are you also looking for other flavours? Bioethanolshop has several choices. For example, we also have:

These delicious scents for your fireplace are carefully packed and shipped to you so you can optimally enjoy this delicious, high-quality bioethanol from Kieselgreen.


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