Bioethanol 100%

Bioethanolshop only supplies the very best quality bioethanol, because we developed our own Kieselgreen Bioethanol 100%. It is (still) subject to various quality tests. Because of this, we can always guarantee the best quality.

Kieselgreen 100% pure bioethanol is available from bioethanolshop in 5 liter, 10 liter & 1000 liter IBC!

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Bioethanol 100% pure explanation and specification

Bioethanol shop use

Bioethanol application possibilities:

GARDEN: for evening lighting of the garden in fire bowls and ethanol torches, algae destruction and moss removal. -

AUTO: as a frost protection and windscreen washer cleanser (see also BioFair concentrate based on purely vegetable sugar intensities). -

Household: for cleaning windows, tiles, glass and chrome. For mold remediation. -

Handicraft: for industry and craftsmen as a solvent, for cleaning and cooling. -

Leisure: as a fuel for the camping stove (can be used on boats and in caravans because it burns without odour or soot), for fondue preparation and for all appliances that are also used with cooking spirit. -

Important: Do not substitute appliances that operate on fuel with those designed to use petroleum. Units that use petroleum cannot be used with bioethanol.

The 100% pure bioethanol is the most widely used. The higher purity content ensures a purer combustion and the energy content is also higher.

The production of bioethanol with a purity of 96.6% alcohol is done via two processes. First, fermentation takes place, followed by distillation. To obtain 100% alcohol a further process has to be carried out. This third process is called absolutation.

The quality of bioethanol varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The percentage achievable depends on the manufacturing process and even more on the raw materials. Bioethanol is often available on the market made from mouldy and polluted raw materials, containing by-products or residues such as acetone. These products are often used in industry, where there is a need for products with different alcohol percentages.

Fireplaces and ovens

However, this is not the case with fireplaces and ovens. Here a pure product ensures a nicer, healthier and better combustion. It is therefore important that the fuel is as pure as possible.
Our bioethanol supplier therefore uses high quality European vegetable raw materials for the production processes and thus guarantees a pure and high quality product.

Our 96.6% bio-ethanol is therefore a product of very good quality, and our bio-ethanol with an alcohol percentage of no less than 100% is even an excellent product!

Explanation about bio ethanol:
Atmosphere fire bio ethanol is always denatured. This denaturing means that the ethanol is made unusable for human consumption. This is done by adding a minimal amount of "bitter substances" to the ethanol. If this is not added, so called excise tax has to be paid on the fuel, just like with alcoholic beverages.

Percentage description:
In science / chemistry there are general rules to indicate the percentage or value, of for example alcohol. If one hundred percent ethanol is made, one has to accurately state this value (this means that no more water is included in the product), it doesn't matter if an additive (like MEK or Bitrex) is added AFTER that. The additives do not change the properties of the material - like flammability, density, mass, freezing, etc. -and is therefore irrelevant and unproven. Using or stating a different percentage can cause confusion for the user or, in the worst case, even cause accidents.

The situation is different when water is added or still present. Water is in fact the product, that influences the properties of ethanol.

96.6% ethanol, for example, means nothing but the liquid contains 96.6% ethanol and 3.4% water.

The freezing point of e.g. -111 C is shifted further and further up with sinking percentage of ethanol. For example, the freezing point of 50% ethanol (i.e. 50% ethanol and 50% water) is at -32C.

Therefore, if the alcohol content is only 30% (examples), water is present in the liquid 70%, and it cannot be ignited.

Whether it contains additives or not. Relevant is the water content in ethanol to determine the percentage.


The quality of bioethanol (i.e. its high percentage) depends on the manufacturer, its manufacturing process and, most importantly, on the raw materials. It happens regularly that the bio-ethanol on the market is made of moldy raw materials and contains acetone etc.

It should be noted, however, that ethanol with different alcohol contents is used in industry and that these impure products are used there.
That we do not want with bio ethanol and ethanol fireplaces and ovens, here it is important to use a pure product as possible so that health is not at risk. But we can enjoy a beautiful fire.
Our supplier guarantees that they always use high quality german vegetable raw materials for the production of our bioethanol.

With this in mind, we can say with a clear conscience: our bioethanol with 96.6% alcohol content is of more than good quality, but our bioethanol with 100% alcohol content deserves the predicate Excellent!