Solar garden lighting

Kynast Solar garden lighting with solar cells is the latest trend in the field of lighting in recent years. This because the lighting is environmentally friendly and gives beautiful light. Bioethanolshop has a wide range of lighting for decoration of your garden.

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Showing all 11 results

Price and range of Solar garden lights

We have chosen the range of Kynast Solar which stands for very good quality at the right price. The range of Kynast is very broad and has a nice variety of table lamps, garden torches, garden torches with flame effect, decorative lamps for the garden and 2in1 windlights.

What started with the standard table lamp from Ikea on solar energy, has led to an extensive range of products to make your garden even more atmospheric. We already knew that in the past with low voltage or 220 Volt but now with solar energy we also save energy and environment.

Adding lighting to an outdoor space has never been easier now that solar powered garden lights are available everywhere. By making the most of solar energy, you don't have to rely on electricity or batteries to keep the space lit. This means you can add lighting to any outdoor space without having to worry about dragging cables or extension cords around.

Solar powered garden lights generate power from the sun's rays and store it until the light is turned on. This means they work perfectly in almost any environment, even if you live in an area that doesn't get much sun!

Because solar garden lights can be installed in any part of your yard, you can create an impressive lighting design that shows off your property at its best. From all candlelight dining and outdoor parties to quiet evenings at home and games with the kids, outdoor lighting allows you to make the most of your garden.

Plus, solar garden lights come in plenty of different styles, so it's easy to find a design you like. Attach pendant lights to fences or awnings, push garden torches into the ground, or mount discreet spotlights along paths and patios to create your own custom outdoor lighting.