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KieselGreen Premium Bioethanol Fragrance Mix - Bioethanol - 100% biofuel - Several delicious scents to try

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Showing all 5 results


KieselGreen Premium Bioethanol fragrance mix - Bioethanol - 100% biofuel for ambient fireplaces

If you use bioethanol burners, such as bioethanol stoves, fireplaces, or bioethanol outdoor lanterns, have you considered using a nicely scented bioethanol fuel in these burners? Scented bioethanol fuels offer the same great performance as regular bioethanol, but also give off a pleasant ambient aroma when burning in your fireplace or lantern. This can be a wonderful way to get more out of your bioethanol fireplace, allowing it to serve as an ambient room freshener, a beautiful design element, and a heating solution.

These bioethanol blends can be used in any appliance in which you normally burn regular bioethanol. A great aroma can make your home feel inviting and cover up unwanted odors from cooking or pets.

You can use this pleasant bioethanol in a mix to try different scents.