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KieselGreen Premium Bioethanol with Cookie Smell - Bioethanol - 100% biofuel -1 liter with nozzle

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Showing all 4 results

KieselGreen Premium bioethanol with cookie aroma - Bioethanol - 100% biofuel - 1 liter bottle with nozzle

Fireplaces, lanterns, and outdoor fireplaces that run on bioethanol fuel are becoming increasingly popular in interior design, with many homes, restaurants, and hotels using them as an environmentally friendly and attractive heating solution and design feature. If you use bioethanol burning units such as fireplaces, lanterns, or stoves in your home or outdoor spaces, did you know that you can also use scented bioethanol that gives off a beautiful aroma when it burns?

Regular bioethanol fuel is odorless, but if you use a scented fuel like this delicious smelling cookie bioethanol, you get the double effect of your fire also serving as a great air freshener. The sweet, comforting scent of cookies is an attractive choice for any room in your home, or for your patio or balcony, but it fits especially well in the dining room or kitchen. You can also decide how subtle you want the ambient scent to be, using the cookie-scented bioethanol alone for a more robust aroma, or mixing it with regular bioethanol before lighting it for a less intense scent in your room.

You can buy cookie-scented bioethanol in one gallon bottles or as a bulk purchase of 12 gallons.

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