Bioethanol 600 Liter bioethanol 100% biofuel in jerrycan for atmospheric fires on pallet



KieselGreen 600 Liter Bio-ethanol bioethanol 100% voor sfeerhaarden Jerrycan

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KieselGreen 600 Liter Bioethanolshop geproduceerde bioethanol (100%), geleverd in 60 jerrycan (60x10L).

Bioethanol is a Premium biological alcohol (denatured), suitable for fire places. It can also be used for cleaning and disinfection of instruments, worktops (do rinse), interior, but also as an addition to cleaning products.

Other uses:

  • GARDEN: for evening lighting of the garden in fire pits and ethanol torches, algae destruction and moss removal. -
  • AUTO: as frost protection and cleaning agent for the windscreen washer (see also BioFair concentrate based on purely vegetable sugar intensities). -
  • HouseholdFor cleaning windows, tiles, glass and chrome. For the remediation of moulds. -
  • Craft: for industry and craftsmen as solvent, for cleaning and cooling. -
  • Free timeAs fuel for the camping stove (on boats and in caravans, because it burns without odour or soot), for fondue preparation and for all appliances that are also used with cooking spirit. -

Important: Do not substitute appliances that operate on fuel with those designed to use petroleum. Units that use petroleum cannot be used with bioethanol.

This bioethanol:

  • is produced from 100% in European grown rye
  • is guaranteed 100% organic
  • is extensively tested (both sensory and chemical)
  • Burns odourless and silent with a yellow flame
  • is specially optimised for ethanol stoves

Bioethanolshop ethanol burns in a silent and pleasant yellow flame, without emitting any odour. Extensive tests carried out on a regular basis guarantee the high quality of our products. During combustion the bioethanol is only converted into water vapour and carbon dioxide. These are the least harmful combustion products a fireplace can emit!

Bioethanolshop production label

The Bioethanolshop label guarantees that the bioethanol is ethically, organically and fair trade produced and sourced. The ethanol is produced from European rye fields and made into bioethanol in a modern, well-developed factory.

Product Information:

The Kieselgreen Bioethanol you can buy from us is 100% pure. Kieselgreen is known for its quality products. has been selling products from Kieselgreen and Biofair for years. Do you need explanation about the use of for instance 100% bioethanol? Then contact our customer service.

100% Bioethanol:

100% Bioethanol from Kieselgreen can be used as:

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