1.000 Liter BioFAIR Bioethanol (100%) in IBC Container



1.000 Liter BioFAIR Bioethanol (100%) in IBC Container

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1.000 Liter Bioethanolshop KieselGreen bioethanol (100%) in IBC Container

This bio-ethanol is specially made for bio-ethanol fireplaces.
This bioethanol is:
- 100% Rye grown in Europe
- 100% Organic
- 100% Clean
- Sensory and chemical tested
- silent and odourless combustion with a yellow flame
- specially designed for ethanol fires

Regular and extensive tests guarantee a product of very high quality. Bioethanolshop KieselGreen ethanol burns in a silent and pleasant yellow flame. No stench is emitted. The bioethanol is only converted into water vapour and carbon dioxide during combustion. This is the least harmful way of combustion.

The Bioethanolshop KieselGreen label
The BioFAIR label guarantees that the bioethanol has been developed, produced and purchased in an ethical, organic and fair-trade way. The ethanol is produced from German rye fields and manufactured in a modern factory to the final bio-ethanol.

IBC Container/FDA Specification
ECOBULK SX-1000 hazardous goods with EX protection and FDA approval
Container exterior: steel grid galvanised with 2 adhesive labels and UN number.
Container interior: HDPE with filling opening DN 150 with TPE-FDA-Dtg
Outlet: valve DN50 with ETFE-FDA-Dtg., earth cable.
Pallet: steel, grid pallet

Bioethanolshop production label

The Bioethanolshop label guarantees that the bioethanol is ethically, organically and fair trade produced and sourced. The ethanol is produced from European rye fields and made into bioethanol in a modern, well-developed factory.

Product Information:

The Kieselgreen Bioethanol you can buy from us is 100% pure. Kieselgreen is known for its quality products. Bioethanolshop.nl has been selling products from Kieselgreen and Biofair for years. Do you need explanation about the use of for instance 100% bioethanol? Then contact our customer service.

100% Bioethanol:

100% Bioethanol from Kieselgreen can be used as:

Additional information

Weight 850 kg